JUNE 21, 2011

Hey %$firstname$%,

Thank you all so much for the warm birthday wishes. You all posted on my Facebook page, called to sing, sent emails and shared with me your successes! Two of which I will highlight here:

When Paula and I met for her coaching session early in the morning on June 10 – she shared with me that her business is tracking to hit $1million in revenue this year. This is a huge breakthrough. She’s been stuck at the $500,000 mark for years. We began working together 2.5 years ago and over time she has consistently made small choices that align with who she is at the core. Her health is being restored, her energy and focus are improved, her relationships more engaged and certainly more productive as they are yielding much referral business. She knows and is expressing her value in the marketplace with conviction and is seeing a shift in the way her company is viewed and thus garnering her ideal client that wants her premiere service (the one that is her sweet spot). We’ve implemented and integrated her core through these strategies: Trust Yourself, Focus on Vision, Trust Others, Mind Your Own Business, Know Your Value, and Be in Community. With a continued focus on Value and Community, Paula will now begin integrating her core through the Set Standards and Custom Design and Build strategies. These are the keys to sustaining that million dollar revenue level and beyond. So the business runs itself. I’m so proud of her, excited for the next stages, and so honored to be a part of her journey.

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with a client who called to share that our work together has resulted in the vision she created for herself, family and business 5 years ago. Through her individual coaching, and the addition of separate individual coaching with her husband, the two of them searched within, discovered their core and set on a path to live that out in their relationships, family, health, finances, careers, spirituality and household. Her business has generated enough income for her husband to retire/resign from his longstanding post and begin to lead the household and family in new ways while pursuing his dream. This creates support for Barb to do what she needs to do to grow her business without guilt and frees him from something that was draining his life force because it was not aligned with who he is. And the kids are delighted. It is a huge win-win-win. AND they are helping to drive the economy in Michigan. So incredibly proud of their commitment to their vision and to do whatever it takes to get there: from thoughts to actions. So blessed to have been of service!!

On to the article of the month. An audio again. And guess what? It’s longer….about 12 minutes. It’s PACKED with more principles and tips on the Trust Others core strategy. So take a listen and then listen again! And then go apply what you’ve learned….practice and play. Please share your thoughts and experiences on the blog.

It’s still June and still birthday month which means the CORE VIP Day special is on for just a few more days. Go to the power boost page to take advantage of a private day with me.

Or, join us locally in South East Michigan for the Summer Fit Intensive. Make the core connectiontm and build your soul strength for more energy, effectiveness and earnings. Get in on the early-bird rate, today!

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